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i. you’re a stranger i know well, and not at all.

Today we’ve had a spontaneous x-men shooting.

We’ve decided to make the cosplays based on this amazing fanfiction written by paperclipbitch

If you want to read a good fic, then read this one it’s one of our favorites, even though we haven’t completely finished reading it yet . <D 

So more pictures may follow. 

vrono as Alex Summers

Me as Hank McCoy

Photographer: bastardtimelord

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Certainly, I’ve always been this way,

A patched up, crazy matryoshka.

Something old today! 

This was one of my first cosplays. I’ve made it in 2011 and I was very proud of it back then. I’ve even made a really bad make up tutorial. (* ノ▽ノ)

I wan’t to cosplay it again (and with much better make up <DD) someday.<3 Not especially Gakupo but maybe Rin. <3

More Vocaloid pictures following soon!~

Me as Gakupo Kamui【Matryoshka】

Photographer: Nia

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You know Monsieur Marius, 
I believe I was a little bit in love with you.


Me as Eponine Thénardier 【Les Misérables 2012】

Chizuhi as Marius

vrono as Gavroche

Noise as Enjolras

Reshi as Grantaire

Gil as Courfeyrac

Himezawa as Jehan

Photographers: shigeako, NiavronoIl_Carnefice

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The one, two fanclub
More and more, I’m able to use the same words as you!

More Vocaloid! (´∀`)♡

Let’s try to be more active here!

Pictures taken at Connichi 2013 (Kassel, Germany)

Me as Rin Kagamine 【1,2 Fanclub!】

S-O-R-A as Gumi Megpoid 【1,2 Fanclub!】

Photographer: Naya

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But, it’s not beautiful!


Finally I can show you some pictures of our Free! cosplay. <3

I can’t say how much I love my group and how much fun we had taking these pictures. It was just an amazing day though we were completely exhausted after that shooting. :’>

Thanks to my wonderful group for cosplaying this with me and also a huge thanks to Nia and Nor for taking pictures and helping out.<3

Me as Rei Ryugazaki【Splash Free / Ending】

vrono as Nagisa Hazuki【Splash Free / Ending】

Chizuhi as Haruka Nanase【Splash Free / Ending】

Photographer: Nia 

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