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Hey there!♥

I’m back from Connichi (Kassel, Germany) and I’ve noticed that It’s been a while since I’ve posted any progress pictures (or anything at all) so let’s try to be more active here!

Of course I’m going to start with my most favourite thing: X-Men!

It took me about two months to find the right (or at least acceptable) fabric for the shirt but I’ve managed to find it somehow. And I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did. Really.

Even though the only picture I’ve got is a selfie with a stupid duckface. 8D’ But I’m trying to change that as soon as possible. Still wanted to share the photo with you. C:’

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The one, two fanclub
More and more, I’m able to use the same words as you!

More Vocaloid! (´∀`)♡

Let’s try to be more active here!

Pictures taken at Connichi 2013 (Kassel, Germany)

Me as Rin Kagamine 【1,2 Fanclub!】

S-O-R-A as Gumi Megpoid 【1,2 Fanclub!】

Photographer: Naya

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But, it’s not beautiful!


Finally I can show you some pictures of our Free! cosplay. <3

I can’t say how much I love my group and how much fun we had taking these pictures. It was just an amazing day though we were completely exhausted after that shooting. :’>

Thanks to my wonderful group for cosplaying this with me and also a huge thanks to Nia and Nor for taking pictures and helping out.<3

Me as Rei Ryugazaki【Splash Free / Ending】

vrono as Nagisa Hazuki【Splash Free / Ending】

Chizuhi as Haruka Nanase【Splash Free / Ending】

Photographer: Nia 

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i. you’re a stranger i know well, and not at all.

Today we’ve had a spontaneous x-men shooting.

We’ve decided to make the cosplays based on this amazing fanfiction written by paperclipbitch

If you want to read a good fic, then read this one it’s one of our favorites, even though we haven’t completely finished reading it yet . <D 

So more pictures may follow. 

vrono as Alex Summers

Me as Hank McCoy

Photographer: bastardtimelord

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Certainly, I’ve always been this way,

A patched up, crazy matryoshka.

Something old today! 

This was one of my first cosplays. I’ve made it in 2011 and I was very proud of it back then. I’ve even made a really bad make up tutorial. (* ノ▽ノ)

I wan’t to cosplay it again (and with much better make up <DD) someday.<3 Not especially Gakupo but maybe Rin. <3

More Vocaloid pictures following soon!~

Me as Gakupo Kamui【Matryoshka】

Photographer: Nia

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